Jealous: What’s New in the Art Scene

The Jealous Curator, if you are not aware already, is a brilliant blog, which is, in the words of its creator:

“A collection of artwork that inspires and depresses me. I know it’s good when I’m left thinking damn I wish I thought of that.”

Isn’t that so true! I’m jealous of the jealous curator’s blog (such a good idea), but mostly I’m just jealous- or maybe just super inspired (a bit of both) by the awesome contemporary artists she features. I just heard about this blog today and it kind of hijacked my night. So check out the goodness here.  The following are a few of the featured artists that I am super jealous of- I mean in awe of.

Check out their work featured at the ‘Jealous Curator’ by clicking on their names.

faig ahmed -amazing textile, carpet installation art

eva black – folded paper craziness

Eva Black


margie livingston“both a three-dimensional painting and a sculpture made of paint.”

jennifer harrison – wonderful laneway paintings


hella jongerius -brilliant sculptor, especially with porcelain

david poppie– coloured pencil crayons!

kate Mccgwire– crazy crazy use of feathers… a little bit terrifying

dawn tan– ‘comfort food’

tara donovan – stunning installations all about repetition 

kristi malakoff– just paper…just paper…and she is Canadian

anne lindberg – thousands and thousands of strings of thread


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